IT and media law

For private individuals

We advise and represent private individuals and celebrities in and out of court in IT and media law.

Services according to legal fields

IT law and media law are areas of law that are not regulated in a separate law, but are part of various areas of law and related case law. In the case of private individuals, the following areas of law are frequently affected:


Data protection law

The task of data protection law is to protect personal data. This is intended to strengthen the informational self-determination of the individual as part of the right of personality.

Art copyright

When it comes to photos and likenesses, especially of people, the few provisions of the Art Copyright Act contain the guidelines for their permissible use on the Internet and other media.

Personal right

The right of personality serves to protect the personality and freedom of each individual person, and the protection of personal data is also covered by it.


Copyright regulates all rights and the economic use of a created work in connection with the Internet and other media.

Criminal Law

On the Internet and other media, there are violations of rights that are also considered criminal acts and are punishable by law.

Services according to orders

We are frequently commissioned with the following services, although the list is not exhaustive and is merely an excerpt from our catalog of services:


You have received a warning letter because you, as the owner of the connection, are accused of offering copyrighted content via a file-sharing program and transferring it to third parties, for example from the law firm Waldorf Frommer from Munich.

Identity Theft

Someone obviously knows your personal data, such as name and address, or is even in possession of identification documents or photos thereof, and commits fraud on social platforms, concludes contracts or opens accounts in your name.

Advice and representation in cases of infringement of the right to one's own image

You would like to know whether a picture of you or a family member may be used on the Internet and media available there and take action against it.

Deletion of search results on Google

After entering certain search terms, especially your name, on Google, hits and images appear that you would like to delete.

Online auctions

This area of law covers all standards relating to the due date, interest and enforcement of monetary claims – in this context primarily from legal transactions on the Internet and other media.

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