TAPELLA Attorneys at Law have been a law firm for IT law, media law and data protection law for 20 years – friendly and competent.

Our clients are companies from all industries, fast-growing companies, market leaders, up to companies with the highest turnover worldwide. But we are also passionate about advising startups, streamers, content creators, gamers and the like. Private and prominent clients also appreciate our professional excellence and social competence.

With a lot of expertise and experience, we will find the right solution: 

Digital offerings

Warnings and infringements
New business models and digitization processes
Data protection and DSGVO

External data protection commissioner
Artificial intelligence(AI)
Private clients

We advise companies on their diverse offerings on the web and create the legal texts for them. Contracts, terms of use and general terms and conditions are reviewed and drafted, as are agreements on management, advertising partners, web hosting, IT security or agencies.

TAPELLA lawyers also successfully accompany you in online marketing when it comes to domains, newsletters, influencer marketing, messaging services or deleting negative reviews and posts. We defend your company against cease-and-desist letters for copyright and other legal infringements and represent it in data protection law disputes vis-à-vis data protection authorities.

In your company, we ensure DSGVO-compliant data processing and are appointed by companies, groups of companies and public institutions as external data protection officers. Advice on new business models, digitalization processes and the use of AI in the company is just as natural for us.

We help private individuals and celebrities in particular with personality violations through postings, search engine hits and image use, but also with warning letters and subscription traps.

Prof. Dr. Tapella, attorney, external data protection officer and professor for IT and business law, and Dr. Jütte, attorney and in-house counsel, look forward to hearing from you.

Warning received?

We will help you immediately:
Call 0211-88 28 43 00 for an assessment of the factual and legal situation and an explanation of the prospects of defense and success. Of course, you can also mail us your warning notice: info@internet-medien-recht.de

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